Gambling problems often go undetected and untreated, due in part to limited screening. Unlike other addictions, problem gambling has no obvious physical signs or symptoms.

Seeking Massachusetts-based Organizations to Host a Gambling Disorder Screening Day Event!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Gambling Disorder Screening Day event!

This year, Gambling Disorder Screening Day will take place on Tuesday, March 12.

Applications are now closed.

Participating in Gambling Disorder Screening Day has never been easier!

Awardees will receive: 

  • Our free Screening Day Best Practices Guide, which includes a 4-week event planning timeline, promotional materials, educational content, treatment resources, and an electronic version of the 3-question Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen.
  • Access to attend a live (virtual) Screening Day training, or to view the recording. This training will provide an overview of Screening for Gambling Disorder and How to Host a Screening Day Event.* 
  • Access to a live (virtual) Technical Assistance (TA) Session, where you or a member of your team can join other Screening Day participants in asking questions, sharing event ideas, and to receive any additional support you might need from Screening Day sponsors and experienced clinicians.* 
  • A stipend of up to $1,500 per awardee to help support your Screening Day event (including event preparations and follow-ups). Stipends can be used to cover staff time, printing promotional materials to advertise your event, materials and supplies, space rental, etc.
  • A box of resources, materials, and promotional items will be shipped to awardees, including:
    • Hard copies of general problem gambling-related and screening-specific resources.
    • Promotional, branded items that can be utilized by your organization or distributed during your event.
  • Downloadable links to materials will be shared, and additional hard copies can be ordered for free through the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse. Resources are available in multiple languages! 

*Indicates required activity to receive stipend. 

The submission deadline is Wednesday, February 7th, 2024.

Click here or scroll down to complete the short application to become an official Screening Day Host Awardee. If you have any questions regarding the opportunity or the application, please email:

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, February 7th, 2024.

Awardees will be notified by Tuesday, February 13th, 2024.

2024 Screening Day Event stipends and technical assistance initiatives are a joint initiative of the Massachusetts Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment (M-TAC) and Project Build Up (PBU) programs.