CE updated policy for MA PGS Certification

Important announcement

The Massachusetts Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment (M-TAC) will implement a new policy. All professionals applying for the Massachusetts Problem Gambling Specialist (MA PGS) certificate (both first-time and renewal), will be required to fulfill their continuing education credit requirements through courses offered by M-TAC and Project Build Up (PBU). Some external courses and credits* will be accepted toward the fulfillment of certification requirements until June 30th, 2024.

M-TAC and PBU courses are available online, both on-demand and live (virtual), and are completely free, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of Problem Gambling Services. Course content utilizes evidence-based data and is aligned with the Practice Guidelines for Treating Gambling-related Problems of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Individuals planning to submit external CEs (based on current policy) to apply for the MA PGS certification, have until June 30th, 2024, to submit their application.

*Up to 6 CE credits for first-time applicants and up to 4.5 CE credits for renewal applicants.