Gambling Case Study Series – Module 1

Gambling Case Study Series Module 1: Michael & Saleem offers an overview of problem gambling while considering parallels to other expressions of addiction and mental health issues that are associated with, and are potential risk factors for, Gambling Disorder. This module also touches on the importance of capitalizing on existing professional help resources to help clients initiate recovery and discusses social network support, readiness to change, and some strategies that can help a client prevent gambling recurrence and maintain recovery.

Gambling Case Study Series – Module 2

Gambling Case Study Series Module 2: Math & Carolyn offers an overview of important topics such as the diagnosis and symptoms of Gambling Disorder, as listed under addictive disorders in the DSM-5, as well as similarities between behaviorally expressed addiction and substance use addiction. Through shared stories of adverse childhood experiences and family history of addiction, this module also offers valuable information on these risk factors for gambling-related problems and other expressions of addiction. Other helpful topics include gambling and incarceration, financial impact and consequences of gambling, the four C’s of gambling, lack of help seeking for gambling-related problems, and some barriers that can prevent individuals from coping or overcoming their gambling-related problems.

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